One Day Conference

One Day Conference

Dar AlTawheed Islamic Centre Presents:

One Day Conference

How does wealth and greed affect us as individuals, as a community, or as an Ummah? How can we de-toxic ourselves from the disease of greed? How can we manage our wealth in ways that are ethical and moral?

Friday, August 4th, 2017
7PM – 10PM
Dinner will be served
Free Event

Shaykh Karim Abu Zaid
Imam Karim AbuZaid is the director of religious affairs at Al-Minhaal Academy in South Jersey and is spearheading the construction of Colorado Muslims Community Center (Dar AlTawheed). He was a student of Shaykh Abu Ishaq Al Heweny. He obtained his master in Assoul-Al-Deen, Fundamentals of Islam, Quranic and Hadeeth Sciences from the American Open University, Alexandria, VA.

Shaykh Ibrahim Hindy (Toronto)
Imam Ibrahim Hindy is the imam of Dar AlTawheed Islamic Centre. He has a degree in History of Religions from the University of Toronto with a concentration in Islamic studies and is currently completing a Masters in Usul al-Fiqh from Al-Madinah International University in Malaysia.

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