Expansion Project

Dar Al-Tawheed Islamic Centre is a registered charitable organization and provides tax receipts for all donations.

“Charity never decreases wealth” – Prophet Muhammad

We rely on your donations to operate and help the community.  Please give generously.

New Building


Dar Al-Tawheed Islamic Centre is proud to announce that we have purchased a new building (5585 McAdam Rd), with over 50,000 SQ FT and on 2.7 Acres of land. This will allow for the expansion of our current Masjid, School and the creation of a new state-of-the-art community centre. This will include full-size gymnasium, banquet hall, swimming pool, fitness centre, meeting rooms, janaza facilities, cafe, outdoor fields, and so much more. The building costs (including closing costs) is $8 million dollars.

Through donations and financing, we are almost half-way there. Please support this project through: Zakah (Masjid and School is Zakah eligible), Donations or Loans. Please donate using our PayPal link below and write "NEW BUILDING DONATION" or "NEW BUILDING LOAN" in the instructions.

Stratford Masjid

Please support our sisters and brothers in Stratford who are attempting to purchase and establish the first Masjid in Stratford, Ontario. This will be the only masjid, not only for Stratford but the entire Huron and Perth regions, serving more than an 5000 SQ KM area!

Stratford is the home of the world famous Stratford Festival, which hosts tourists from all over the country and world. The Stratford Masjid is unique opportunity to spread a positive message about Islam and combat Islamophobia at a National level! Please indicate "STRATFORD MASJID" when making your donation using our PayPal link below.

Refugee Program

Dar Al-Tawheed has partnered with Canada Zakat to help sponsor refugee Syrian families. We have privately sponsored one family of 6, and are currently processing another family of 8. Dar Al-Tawheed Islamic Centre also supports a number of government sponsored refugees with monetary and social support. Please indicate "REFUGEE PROGRAM" when making your donation using our PayPal link below.