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DAT Phase 1 Reopening Guidelines:

We will be resuming Jum’uah Prayers in accordance with the directives of the Province. Registration is required for attendance and no at-the-door entries will be permitted. Daily prayers procedures will be announced shortly.

Please note the following regulations which we will abide by strictly:

  1. Jumu’ah Prayers will take place at 5585 McAdam Road (site of Tawheed Community Centre)
  2. Anyone experiencing any symptoms of illness should not attend (fever, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, etc).
  3. Those with pre-existing conditions are advised not to attend
  4. We highly recommend that the elders (above the age of 65) to not attend and pray at home
  5. Attendees are required to bring their own prayer mats
  6. Attendees will be required to maintain social distancing from others, including during prayer
  7. Washroom facilities will not be made available. Please ensure that you attend with wudhu’.
  8. Attendees are required to wear face masks at all times
  9. Attendees are required to keep their shoes with them to avoid crowding
  10. Children under the age of 15 are not permitted to attend at this time
  11. Attendees are expected to leave at the conclusion of prayers (sunnah prayers should be performed at home)
  12. Please arrive early as your registration will be verified onsite. Also note Khutbahs will be shortened to approximately 10-15 minutes, so arriving late might result in missing the prayer.


By enrolling, you acknowledge that:

  1. I will follow the guidelines of DAT administration in all my visits to DAT facility that include wearing masks all the time, coming with wudhu, maintaining the social distancing of 6ft, bringing my own rug, and leaving the facility right after the Salat without socializing.
  2. I will not visit the facility if I have any symptoms of COVID-19 and will inform the administration if I or anyone I interacted with will be tested positive for COVID-19 after my visit to DAT.
  3. My email address will be added to the DAT email list for any official future communication and announcements from DAT administration.
While the safety of our patrons is our highest priority, we cannot guarantee you safety from COVID-19 or any other health risks. Your attendance at DAT is at your own risk. DAT shall not be held liable for any complications arising from visiting our facility.